Thursday, 9 October 2014

It all depends on the price...

Question is.... If keeping on the analogy of gambling I had used in my previous post;

Should we keep the chips in or cash in and go. Hunting again!?

The architect in me is of course screaming to detail, flesh out, and  implement  the scheme on the ground to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.
Walk through the spaces that have been envisioned in my mind, before finally putting a finished product on the market. (While hopefully making a further profit)

But purely looking at it from the perspective of a cold blooded developer the call is less clear cut.

Nobody knows too much what direction the market will take over the next year, and there is a lot of work to do!

Thankfully the Labour opposition party has clarified a couple of days ago their view on their so called "mansion tax"... Which for properties valued between 2m and 3m would only be 250gbp a month.... A lot less then originally anticipated ...  the rumours that were creating  uncertainty... And of course the market hates uncertainty of policy.

So good news there!

In the mean time, no harm testing the market and see what happens.

So therefore, it is now discretely on the market with specialist development agents.... Since yesterday.

And today we have the first viewing.

It all depends on the price! 

Friday, 3 October 2014

The fruits of perseverence!

I am thrilled to announce that after a couple of tensed months......
A quick glance at the planning website this morning has revealed some rather good news.


Given initial discussions with some agents, the approval (of additional 1500 sq feet) is giving instantly ..... Without any actual building work, a healthy six figure sum increase in value.

one side of me is saying "go and cash in now". Another is saying ...

 "Come on whack it all the way through". 

More to come on the decision making  in a next post .... 

For now....  A small celebratory drink is on the cards!  ( thanks for the prayers!)