Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fashion glamour in the damp & cold!

After the mood shots  from the previous post, inspiration struck!!

Now I have to diverge a little from the main topic of the blog and give some background information:

I m a bit of a split personality; I have another life in fashion. Actually currently I could say that the property development is more of a "mistress" while fashion is my wife ( in terms of the amount dedicated during my work week.)

So last minute we decided to make a " autumn winter15 pre collection shoot". ( with our label -b l ^ n k- ) 

Two days later we had the model and I decided to shoot myself.... (No pun intended here!!).

Below some pictures giving a flavour of things to come! 

And yes of course we will have to make another shoot when all is done..... And who knows we may make one in the building site for some "hard hat" styled glamour?