Friday, 22 September 2017

Sleepless nights, will she be the one? (Warning derelict content)

The last auction was a fail. Undervalued the top bid by quite a bit with my maths.

Whatever it was, that the other parties took into account, I did not see it in such bullish light.
Approx 350k above the top bid I had in mind... That's quite a miss.

But maybe it's all for the best... Because there is another auction on Monday and there is quite a beauty awaiting!

Will this be the one? Will I be enough for her to let me wisk her away?

How much will the planners let you get away in the large yard? What will the building costs be? And what realistic resale values can be expected after turnaround? What are the VAT and tax implications for the company if we decide to rent units rather then sell (in case the resale market is weak)?

Too many questions for me to sleep properly.

Below what my dreams are made of ( I know not everyone's cup of tea - warning derelict content!)