Monday, 25 September 2017

Sadomasochistic purchase (but at a good price)

Happy to announce that a new project has been on-boarded! (At the border of a pretty good corner of south West London)

2126 sq ft residential and 717 sq ft commercial as well as a large yard with an amazing amount of upside. We believe we can add create up to 3500 sq ft of residential space.

Now I have to explain why the title of this post makes sense.
Well, the project is in Lambeth, which is the same council as the one we dealt with last time, and with all due respect.... It was a real hard battle we had to on our hands to get the plans through pre-planning stage successfully. To have gone in for more feels slightly masochistic frankly.

But on the other hand, based on the numbers we had crunched, it is the first time we bought what we believe to be a real good deal.

Obviously times are different and the climate not as bullish as pre-brexit but as Warren Buffet says "sell when everybody buys and buy when everybody sells" 

20 days to exchange, but for tonight a good celebratory drink should do it.

... A whole new adventure is starting.