Monday, 17 November 2014

50 shades of "shou sugi ban".

At times, there's nothing more fulfilling then to put aside ones laptop or phone (or anything else digital for that matter) and enjoy playing with materials.

May it be stone, concrete or in this case wood. I have always found a particular joy (a deep-seated reassurance of phisycality perhaps?) in practical experimentation. 

I aught to be quoting Gaston Bachelard here.

Anyway, back to "shou sugi ban"; looking for wood cladding options for the extension, I came across this inspiring  traditional Japanese technique. 

A quick google search will tell you more, but in short: 

burning the top layer of the wood creates a protective layer that makes it more weather and fire resistant ( yes is odd but true). 

But practicalities aside, it allows for very rich textures, colours and finishes.... Something I was looking for! 

Pine, first burnt, then cleaned/brushed, either natural, oiled or with a dark decking finish.

Larch, lightly burnt, cleaned and brushed, either natural or with a clear yacht decking varnish
Pine, part burnt and washed. Natural.
Wish could convey the texture here. Beautiful to touch. Larch again. Part black painted. 
Pine, heavily burnt, either natural, " black ash decking paint, oil, or light varnish.
Switch from the keyboard & mouse.... 

Needless to say I am quite excited. Now will need to see what the city council says!?