Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Slow progress & squatters.

Another very very long silence! And another apology for that!

Not even know where to start really....

Brexit and it's effects on the property market!? That could deserve an entire post in itself!

Lambeth council? I would not say it "deserves" and entire blog post, but I could surely do a ranting post about them too!

Or maybe the squatters that have just sent me pictures of their table football and "installations" as proof that they are looking after the property!

That's right.... Squatters. Let's zoom in on that current pain point and try to factually report on the squatter situation in bullet points (don't want to bore anybody)

- now in the property since over a month
- approx 20 people and 4 dogs (according to neighbours)
- police barely attended site
- court proceedings have cost approx 5k
- estimated security cost to remove them once legally allowed to another approx 2k
- we would be violating their "rights" if we were to enter in our own property (while they just came in at night and changed the locks!)
- have been kind enough to send us pictures of inside and saying they will "look after the property"!

Just going to keep it at that and show you the proud banner currently being displayed at the front of the property.