Monday, 15 December 2014

Slightly less glamorous pictures this time round.

Its been a tumultuous week.

Finalisation of contract with the basement contractor.

Neighbours calling regards party wall demolitions.... Last minute agreements..... But  thankfully diplomacy prevailed.

On the one side of our narrow access pathway, we have kindly been offered to use some space from the neighbouring garden....

And on the other we managed to gain an extra 30cm by negotiating the removal of the meter high party wall....

Which we will of course rebuild in due time!
This means we now have a 1.4m wide pathway to the site which will allow the contractor to use more substantial digging machinery.

Gaining time and minimising headache!

The clearing up of the site has started in preparation for the heavy duty work ahead.
We are talking about:

- the removal of approx 300 cubic metres of earth - construction of a 30m long concrete shell,
- waterproofing and associated drainage, water pumps etc
- underpinning of the entire existing (ground plus one) house (chimney stacks etc), on an entirely new steel structure underneeth.
- over 1600 sq ft of space below ground level plus sunken patios for light, access to the garden ventilation etc.

Let the adventure continue.....

A magical architectural promenade leading up to the magnificent palace! 
The view of the impressive side return patio! 
The luxury guest suite ! 
The nanny studio? 

And the grandiose landscaping.