Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What drawing skills!

Firstly... Happy new year!

Secondly... I had promessed some readers  to make an overall recap of the project so far... But am afraid this is not it yet!!!

And 3rd .... I have just got some drawings in my inbox which I simply had to share. (It may arguably give a good visual recap!)

We had decided to commission a friend and ex colleague of mine for some hand drawn visuals of the scheme for a potential off plan sale.

We did this knowing he has exceptional skills, but what I received is truely special.
It is work in progress, but already gives a great taste of things to come!

... And please bear with me. That recap is coming! 

Rear 3d view/ section 
Working out distances
I (shamelessly) allow myself some input. ( but pls don't judge my pathetic sketching skills (in comparison) too harshly -its done on my phone!)