Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Glass is sexy.

Its not all put down in a very linear fashion am afraid.... But I thought I should share.

Today I visited "the cantifix guys" basically they are some of the best in London for structural glass structures.

He did quite early on in the conversation mention that they are "not cheap" ... Which  I was not really surprised about, but for him to be so upfront about it means I have started to fear the initial quote I am going to receive by the end of the week!!!

We are looking at inserting a lot of glass, walk on glass floors and glass skylights and large glass windows, and and....

I know I did not mention yet but in effect we are planning to dig a rather grand basement floor (approx 1400 sq ft (or approx 120sq m ) ... And unless we get serious amounts of light in there, its unlikely we will fetch a good return on investment!

So two 3 large lightwells and lots of glass is the answer!
Very early sketch and some great glass use lightwells in contrast to Victorian fabric below. (Apologies I should and would like to give references but these are some screenshots collected over the last few months) 

I guess I don't really need to mention that I like glass.