Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Serious steels - progress update.

Still no recap this time around. Apologies.. Next post for sure! 

But a site visit today, and I am happy to announce that we have had the first steel installed; effectively supporting the entire front facade of the house!

I have to say the boys on site are doing a fantastic job in very difficult (and cold!) Conditions.

The entire length of the side wall is now underpinned by concrete, and they have also started to make the rear concrete shell of the basement in the garden. Not bad for a bit more then a month on site!

This is our front wall , with 3 temporary support beams the 4th that will stay (aligned with wall)

An inside view of the same steel from new  basement level ( yes joists and floorboards have been cut)

And now internal view from ground floor level

And the start of the basement at rear extension into the garden 

Rear view. Not the overgrown romantic aspect anymore.