Friday, 20 March 2015


Its been a while since the last post and this is not for lack of action.

In fact there's been so much action both on the fashion side...( but am not going to dwelve on this ... This blog is for the other side of my schizofrenic self.... The property and architecture addict!)

So the battle on site has been fierce!
- 80% of the structural walls of the existing house have been supported.
- the entire perimeter of the basement in the garden has been set with retaining walls. (Without any adjacent fence or garden collapsing!)

However... As with any old house... Surprises surprises are always just lurching ... In this case behind the rendering.

Despite the initial accessment of the structural Engeneer being positive..... A surprise bill of between 25- 40k is to be added to the structural bill.....

The external walls of the house need to be lowered by an entire storey and rebuilt!  I forgot to mention the roof also needs to be taken down and rebuilt!

The below pictures should give a sense of the action on site these days. 

Ps: Tomorrow.... Some BBC filming for "Homes under the Hammer" .... Will try and make a post on it..... Am two minds about it somehow. 

getting there! 
What is left of the side return.... 
The flank wall.

Honey... What happend in the living room? 

Pls note we are retaining the "character" 60's tiles