Monday, 1 February 2016

Sad celebrations.

Right, here we go; after 3 months of legal headache... Completion of the sale has taken place.

And although the deal is good (really can't complain), I still feel like I have abandoned a baby that still needed me.

The best advice I have been given is "The horse should not make friends with the grass", and I cannot agree more .... But.

Had a last walk through day before and while walking through the unfinished spaces, I could just hope that the new owner will respect the original vision and let me walk through it once it's been completed.

View from the garden - basement extension below and soon also the above ground extension on top of the beams.
Same spaces but view from the existing house. 

From the living room with the double height space/ glass floors and skylight  above.
Feeling a bit like that - rusty, useless and in a corner. 
The newly rebuild side return view from the basement -again some glass floors and skylights above 
The supporting pillars that underpin the entire existing house. 
From underneath the existing house.
Where the stairwell used to be

Empty chair.
First floor with mezzanines under the roof (if he wants)

View towards extension from the first floor can imagine the above ground extension being in line with the wood fence. Both in height and depth. 
Raw concrete. Loving it. I would probably leave some of that visible. 
Under the house. It's all supported on some of these pillars. 
From inside ground floor extension. View of new newly rebuild side return. 
The full lenght of the basement from underneath the existing house. 
From first floor view to the garden and extension. 

Should probably stop here. To distract my mind have started going through the auction catalogues again.